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Is this course really free?

The Masters of the Secret is a free course. You will not be charged for any part of the course materials, now or in the future.

I'm having trouble logging in.

Please read ALL the information below to find the best answer to your question.

Please note that you must have "cookies" enabled on your computer to access the course material. Check your "options" or "preferences" settings in your web browser to ensure that cookies are enabled.

First time visitors to The Masters of The Secret site can simply use the login page to fill out the necessary information for immediate access here:

Or, you can use the registration page to enter your name and email address. When you click "Register Now" you'll be taken to the "welcome page" where you can click "Log On Now!" Doing so will present you with a login screen containing your username and password (the system will automatically fill-in your password from your previous registration if there is one. If not, you will be prompted to change your password upon your first login).

If you've received a course notice from us, please remember to use the email address the notice was sent to when logging in. Your "Username" is your email address.

Please note that the link you received in the original email announcing The Masters of The Secret cannot be used to login again once you've already registered, logged in, and changed your password(the original link uses a pre-selected password for your first login, so once you've changed your password the old link won't work again). If you're seeing "Unauthorized Access" or "Account Disabled" when you try to login, it's likely you're using the old link. The easiest fix is to use the direct login link and use the "Retrieve Username/Password" feature to obtain your current password.

If this does not correct the problem, or you're experiencing any other problem related to course access, you can simply re-register to start a new account from scratch at You will need to use a different email address to do so.

(Please note, the login system will not accept email address changes. If you change your email address for an existing account, you will need to re-register for access to The Masters of The Secret site using your new email address).

I've forgotten my password

If you have already registered but have forgotten your username and/or password, simply visit the login page and click the "Retrieve Username/Password" link, and enter your current email address. An email will immediately be sent with your correct username/password.

How can I access previously released recordings and transcripts?

All previously recorded conversations can be accessed in the following way:

1) Log in to The Masters of The Secret webpage using your usual username and password. If you've forgotten your username or password, use the "Retrieve Username/Password" link at the bottom of the login page and enter your email address. An email will immediately be sent containing your login information.

2) Once you've logged in, you'll find a link at the upper right corner of the main page called "The Lineup." Clicking it will bring up a menu list containing all The Masters of The Secret conversations available to date. New conversations will be added to this list as they become available.

I'm having trouble accessing the audio portion of the content.

Note that if you are attempting to play the audio using streaming audio, simply click the "play" button on the radio icon below the photo of the featured speaker. If your computer has a media player installed capable of playing streaming audio, the conversation will begin playing within a few seconds.

If you have a dialup (modem) connection to the internet, please expect a wait (of up to several minutes, in some cases) for the audio to download and/or play. Playback of the streaming audio that starts and stops repeatedly indicates a slow connection or other bandwidth issues. Return to the site at a later time to try again, or save the mp3 version of the file to your computer for uninterrupted playback once the file is completely downloaded (download times vary, depending on connection and computer speed).

If you are attempting to save the mp3 version of the audio file to your computer, click the "Download mp3" button. Be sure to click "Save File" on the dialog screen to begin downloading the file. We recommend saving the file to your computer desktop for easy access to the file later. Once you see the new icon on your desktop, the file will be saved to your computer and you can listen to the file anytime by double-clicking it.

Your computer must have a media player installed capable of playing mp3 files (such as iTunes or Windows Media Player). Most media players will automatically open and begin playing the mp3 file upon download. Otherwise, double-clicking the file will automatically open the media player and begin playing the file.

Note that we are unable to diagnose or troubleshoot individual web media problems associated with hardware or software (including media player or internet access problems). Please consult your "Help" options or tech support for the specific application or media player issue you're having.

I'm having trouble accessing the written transcript portion of the content

Please note that in order to view this information you must have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Attempting to open the file using an older version of Adobe Reader may result in an error message and the document will fail to display.

Most computers with an updated version of Adobe Reader will automatically open the content and display it when you click on the "Download Text" button on the main page for each Masters conversation. If not, you may use the link below the "Download Text" button to visit the Adobe website to make sure you have the latest version. If you do not, you may download the latest version of the Adobe Reader free of charge at the following link:

Once you have downloaded and installed the Adobe Reader you should be able to access the text of the Masters conversation. If not, log out, close your internet browser, restart the browser, and log in again to The Masters of The Secret site. You should then able to access the text.

Please note that the transcript text is available only in .pdf format.

Where can I get more information about Bill Harris and Centerpointe products & programs?

For more information about Bill, Centerpointe Research Institute, and other programs and courses we offer, visit

To stay up-to-date on Centerpointe news, articles of interest, special reports, and more, be sure to sign up for Bill Harris' free online blog. You can do so here: Blog

If you have iTunes, you can visit Apple's online music store to download more free course content. Search: "Thresholds of the Mind" or "Bill Harris" to bring up the latest free podcast you can download to your computer or iPod/mp3 player.

How can I get a free demo of the Holosync Solution Program discussed in the course?

You can request your free demo package at or by calling 800-945-2741. Operators are available 24/7.

Can I share this course with friends and family?

You're welcome to share the course with anyone you wish. Simply send them the registration link:

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